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「ワイルド スピード MEGA MAX」:概要

「ワイルドスピード(The Fast and the Furious)」シリーズは、2001年に第一作が公開された、ストリート・レーシングをテーマとしたカーアクション映画。これまで世界的な大ヒットを遂げてきましたが、今回は2011年に上映された映画「ワイルド スピードMEGA MAX」についてです。あらすじとしては、『ワイルド・スピード』シリーズの第5弾。前作の後日談となる本作では、超高級車の強奪などを命懸けでこなすドミニクとブライアンが、逃亡生活から抜け出して永遠の自由を得るため、裏社会を牛耳る黒幕から1億ドルを奪う無謀な計画を実行するというもの。


あわせて読みたい記事:【ワイルドスピード7】 劇中車両のAARバラクーダのスペック

「ワイルド・スピード MEGA MAX(2011)」に登場した1971年製のカスタマイズされた「プリマス・バラクーダ」。この個体は「フランケンクーダ」と命名された車両で、HEMI V8エンジンの上に巨大なスーパーチャージャー、ウルトラドミネーター・キャブレターを載せていることが最大の特徴です。そのほかのカスタムとしては強化済み3速トランスミッション、コイル式サスペンション、ディスクブレーキにタイヤ/ホイール、内外装カスタムなどです。その詳細は、ホイールはバドニック、ディスクブレーキはウィルウッド、ボディカラーは「スネークスキン・グリーン」ボディ上部はブラックにグレーのグラフィックが入り、「MOPAR(モパー)」の文字も入っています。

なお、モパーとはダッジやジープなどFCAグループのアメリカンブランド車に対して用意されるオプション群で、語源は「モアパワー(MORE POWER)」。日本や欧州車のオプションとは異なって「ハイパワーエンジン単体」が供給されたり、という過激なラインナップが特徴です。「フランケンクーダ」にもモパー製のパーツが組み込まれています。そのために過去「モパー・コレクターズ・マガジン」の表紙を飾ったこともある、とのことです。




• From the movie “Fast Five” and autographed by the cast
• 636 cubic-inch Hemi V-8 power
• SEMA 2010 feature car
• Featured in Mopar Collector’s Guide and Hot Rod Magazine

All-aluminum 636 cid Hemi V-8 engine with intercooled 14:71 blower and Ultra Dominator carburetors, Turbo 400 three-speed transmission with gear vendor overdrive and nine-inch Ford rear with a Detroit Locker Positraction, coil over suspension on all corners, four-wheel power disc brakes; wheelbase: 108”

As one of the most successful movie franchises ever known, “The Fast and the Furious” series has graced the silver screen since 2001 and in that time a generation has been treated to some of the best car scenes ever filmed. By the time the fifth sequel was in the works, producers knew that they had to come up with something so special and so spectacular that it would have no equal. So it was that, when Fast Five was released in 2011, it featured a car that was so outrageous that it still exists today alongside such greats as the Munster family coach and Grandpa’s Coffin dragster as an iconic Hollywood car with no equal. Known officially as Frankencuda, this is a car that has power, looks, prestige, and an appeal that identifies with millions of movie goers around the world.

Frankencuda is the vision of renowned car designer Murray Pfaff of Pfaff Designs and custom Mopar builder Troy Brumbalow. The starting point was a 1971 Plymouth Cuda that was fitted with an Art Morrison G Force chassis and Budnick wheels and Wilwood power disc brakes. The combination of a custom fabricated chassis and excellent stopping power makes Frankencuda a surprisingly easy handling car. Of course, power and excellent handling do not entirely make a movie car, and this is where Frankencuda’s astounding appearance shines. A two-tone finish in PPG Snakeskin Green with a cartoon impressionist mural of Frankenstein covering the top makes for a dazzling display of both color and artwork. But what lies underneath beats the real heart of Frankencuda with a mammoth all-aluminum 636 cubic-inch Hemi that is force-fed through a 14:71 blower and Ultra Dominator carburetors that force all air through an intercooler. The incredible power of this engine is only surpassed by its sheer elegance and design with a polished aluminum and high-rise intake manifold that towers over the roof of the car. If the appearance alone doesn’t manage to impress the eyes the incredible sound emanating from its dual exhaust is a treat to the ears, but despite its menacing performance appearance Frankencuda runs on pump gas. The exterior color and design also carry over to the interior with leather seats complete with snakeskin inserts. A tilt steering column and wheel from Flaming River also allows a custom fit for every driver. There are also no less than three DVD screens on a custom fabricated dashboard that uses Mopar Performance gauges. A five-point harness is also fitted for safety and air-conditioning by Vintage Air ensures comfortable driving in any weather. The incredible combination of perfect paint, a monster engine, and a functional, yet comfortable interior makes for a unique car that is a pleasure to drive.

As one of the stars in Fast Five, the fifth in The Fast and the Furious series, Frankencuda is also a star in itself. The dashboard carries the autographs of several cast members including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Justin Lin. Frankencuda has also been featured in Hot Rod magazine and has also graced the cover of Mopar Collector’s Guide Magazine. It has also been a feature car at the SEMA show in 2010 for K&N Filters, Holly, and Mother’s Polish. Despite its incredible looks and aggressive sound, Frankencuda is a street legal car that can be driven anywhere with power, speed, and reliability. The chance to own such a rare and exotic one-off car is perhaps as rare as the car itself. For a thrilling ride like no other in a car that’s guaranteed to turn heads, Frankencuda deserves to reside as a centerpiece of any collection of powerful cars.

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