【Tommykaira R33 type GT-R]】There are 34 rare models produced

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[Tommykaira R33 type GT-R] There are 34 rare models produced

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A prototype was announced at the 30th Tokyo Motor Show immediately after the R33 Skyline was announced in August 1993, succeeding the BNR32 Skyline GT-R, which made a shocking revival in 1989 and became a big hit. It was announced one year and five months after the standard car was released (mainly around the front of the commercial model was repaired). And it was BCNR33: Skyline GT-R that debuted in 1995. The body, which was larger than the BNR32, was controversial, but it broke the 8 minute barrier at the Sanctuary Nürburgring (the BCNR33 prototype model recorded a time of 7 minutes 59 seconds, so the time against the BNR32 type. Due to the difference, its performance has definitely improved, such as a catch phrase called “Minus 21 seconds romance”), and it is still a popular car.

It was at the end of 1995 that “Tommykaira” tuned the BCNR33 Skyline GT-R. This BCNR33 is a car that has changed the image of the exterior design of a normal car, which had a relatively quiet impression, with full aero parts such as front bumper, carbon rear wing, rear bumper, side steps, and various carbon parts. : I was appealing that the GT-R was not the only one.


The mechanism has also been tuned to match the exterior, producing a maximum output of 400ps and a maximum torque of 42.8kgm with a large intercooler, composite radiator, exhaust system, dedicated turbine, and dedicated ECU.

And this precious model is on sale at the used car site in Japan. This time, the “Skyline GT-R BCR33” on sale at the old car site will be a rare model that Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport will be one of only 400 units that ordered only famous tuner parts. .. Moreover, it is said that the custom model that adopted all the tuning parts that Tommykaira has lined up is even rarer, with only 34 units.

The exterior design has a moderately aggressive styling, with large rear wings, bronze 5-sport Nismo wheels, black tail lamp shrouds, unique red graphics and custom exterior parts.

To improve performance, we have also set up a turbocharger with a special Tommykaira tune, a custom ECU, a new intercooler and radiator, ducts, clutches, Ohlins coil over suspension and so on.

In addition, although the price range is very high at about 5 million yen, the popularity of “GT-R” overseas is quite high (comparable to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti), and probably this individual is also 600 It may be worth more than 10,000 yen.

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